HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine

HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine

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HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine
HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing purposes various materials like cotton, viscose, acrylic, textured, silk polyester, nylon, loose hanks, cones etc. This machine is manufactured by utilizing premium grade steel under the guidance of experienced engineers. Our provided yarn dyeing machine is equipped with a reversible pump which circulates liquor in outside direction as well as inside direction. Widely demanded by clients because our machine has a capacity of up to 1000 kg per batch.
Features & advantages:
  • Can be provided with heating methods like gas or diesel burner, thermal fluid, electric heater, thermic fluid
  • The machine can be drained at 130° C
  • Double stage turbopump for liquor circulation with Inverter Drive for varying speed.
  • Ultra low MLR of 1:5
  • Air pad system to insert air manually into the machine to create static pressure and to minimize the liquor ratio.
  • Equipped with high efficient heat exchanger
  • Variable loading with flexible loading spindles
  • Mounted with sampling pot to check the dyeing result
  • Pneumatically top lid to open & close
Technical data:

  • Cooling gradient 130°C-85°C approx. at 3.5°C/min
  • Maximum Kier Pressure 4 bar
  • Heating gradient 25°C - 130°C approx. at 5°C /min
  • Maximum Design Temperature 140°C