HTHP Horizontal Tubular Yarn Dyeing Machine

HTHP Horizontal Tubular Yarn Dyeing Machine
Product Description


    Optional Features
      • Compact arrangement of JOGSON turbo pump, Heat exchanger and piping is the main key to floor space saving
      • Ultra Low MLR of 1:3, consumes less dyestuff, chemicals, steam, water & produces less effluent discharge, hence it’s ECO friendly & reduces the Production Cost
      • Inverter driven turbo pump for variable flow control; saves upto 40% power consumption hence more Energy Efficient
      • HT drain at 130°C for oligomers elimination during polyester dyeing process
      • Variable loading with dummies maintains constant MLR & flow rate
      • Working platform is not required as the top most tube in which the carrier is to be loaded is at the height of 1.5 mtr approx
      • Overhead hoist need not to be installed as the carriers are loaded from front in the machine
      • Excellent dyeing result and levelness, reduces yarn loss
      • Water level, pressure, distinctive temperature multiple safety interlock, ensures operational safety

      Technical Data

      • Maximum design pressure 5 bar
      • Maximum design temperature 140°C
      • Heating gradient 25°C - 130°C approx at 5°C /min. (Dry Saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
      • Cooling gradient 130°C - 85°C approx at 3.5°C/min. (Cold water of 25°C at 3 bar)


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